Container Devanning Services

At we handle the unloading of shipping containers, also referred to as container devanning.

If you’re shipping inventory as an FCL (full container load) from your overseas supplier, then you may require the services of a Prep Centre to receive the container, unload it, sort the different products (SKU’s) and palletise. Whether you’re shipping containers on an ad hoc basis, or have inventory arriving weekly or monthly – we will provide you efficient container unloading service.

Many of our existing clients will utilise our devanning services, as it provides them with the option of splitting inventory that is for immediate shipment to Amazon and where the rest of the inventory is to be palletised and stored in our warehouse. Perhaps you are unable to send all inventory to Amazon in one go, maybe you don’t want to risk incurring excessive storage charges from Amazon whilst your inventory is in their fulfilment centres.

Whatever the reason, our warehouse devanning and storage services, are ideal for Amazon Sellers who are moving large quantities of inventory as full container loads. Check out our pricing page which details our fees for the unloading of containers, along with other related FBA prep services we provide. If you want to learn more about our container receiving and devanning services, please contact us via our website or you can schedule a call back and with James who is the owner of Prep4FBA Limited.