FBA Pallet Storage Services

If you are shipping inventory to a Prep Centre, then the chances are you may not want to send all of your inventory to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre in one go. Whether this is due to limits on your inventory allowance with Amazon, or you are trailing a new product to test the market, by utilising our FBA pallet storage service you can have peace of mind knowing your inventory is safe, secure and being stored at a competitive price.

When comparing our storage pricing to that of using Amazon directly, significant savings can be made. Our warehouse pallet storage charges are billed on a weekly basis, dependent on the quantity of pallets you have in storage with us. The more pallets you have in storage with us, the overall storage cost per pallet will reduce. We are able to offer pallet storage for all Amazon Sellers, irrespective of the number of pallets you will be storing. Whether you have 1 or 100+ pallets, we will be able to help!

To find out more about our FBA pallet storage service, please contact us via the website or you can schedule a callback and we will go over the service and how it can benefit your business.