LTL Delivery To Amazon UK

Sometimes you may have inventory that is not suitable to be shipped via an SPD delivery service and therefore you will need to opt for an LTL delivery to Amazon. This may be for example, due to cost restraints with the number of cartons you have to deliver. Palletising the cartons will offer a much better pricing option, as well as a more safe/secure method of transport.

When sending pallets to Amazon UK, there are certain criteria you must meet to ensure that the pallets are not refused delivery at the Fulfilment Centre. For palletised deliveries to Amazon UK, you will need to ensure you’re using pallets which are 1.20 x 1.00 metres and cannot exceed a height of 1.80 metres from the ground to the tallest point. In addition, a pallet should not exceed 500 kgs in gross weight, including the weight of the pallet.

Having many years of experience in dealing with pallet deliveries to Amazon UK, our team are able to ensure your inventory is prepped and palletised to meet the criteria set out by Amazon. We will take care of the whole shipment, from picking to labelling, palletising/wrapping and labelling the pallet. Once completed we can load the pallet(s) out to Amazon’s carrier, or you may be interested in using our own carrier for the final delivery to the Fulfilment Centre.

To learn more about LTL deliveries to Amazon, please get in touch with us today.