Pricing For FBA Prep Services

Worrying about excessive warehousing fees is something that will not happen when using the services of

We are open and transparent with our pricing and therefore have made our pricing structure easy to follow and always available to our clients. Whilst this is not an exhaustive list and other services can be provided, this covers most typical requirements from existing Amazon Sellers we work with. If you have any bespoke requirements or needs, then simply get in touch and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

FBA Prep Services

SKU Labelling (Minimum Charge £15.00)£0.30 per unit
FBA Labelling Cartons / Pallets£0.35 per label
Bundling (Minimum Charge £15.00)£0.35 per bundle
Inserts£0.10 per insert
Box Forwarding£2.00 per carton
Pallet Forwarding£7.50 per pallet
Supplying/Wrapping 1.20 x 1.00 metre pallets£12.50 per pallet

FBA Pallet Storage Charges

Number Of PalletsWeekly Price
1 – 10 Pallets£7.50
11 – 25 Pallets£7.00
26 – 50 Pallets£6.50
51 – 75 Pallets£6.00
76 – 99 Pallets£5.50
100 -149 Pallets£5.00
150 – 199 Pallets£4.50
Maximum pallet dimensions of 1.20 x 1.00 x 1.80 metres (Length x Width x Height) and gross weight of 500 kilos. Read more about our FBA pallet storage services.

Receiving Loose Cartons & Pallets

Cargo TypePrice
Loose Cartons Received & Put Away£0.60 Per Carton
Pallets Received & Put Away£3.50 Per Pallet
Full Truck Load & Put Away£100.00 Per Truck

Devanning (Unloading) Containers

Container Size / Cargo TypePrice
20FT Standard Container (Palletised Goods)£130.00
20FT Standard Container (Loose Cartons)£200.00
40FT Standard Container (Palletised Goods)£180.00
40FT Standard Container (Loose Cartons)£300.00
40FT High Cube Container (Palletised Goods)£190.00
40FT High Cube Container (Loose Cartons)£350.00
Any loose loaded container holding 1,000 + cartons and/or 20 kilos per carton, to be discussed with our team first. Read more about our container devanning services.

Questions About Our FBA Prep Pricing?

We operate an honest and transparent service and where possible display pricing for all applicable services and scenarios. We understand that some clients may have bespoke requirements, therefore we would encourage you to contact us directly using our contact page, or you can schedule a call back and a member of our team will be happy to discuss your requirements.